Abbas the Great

Abbas the I, or Abbas the Great, was a shah of the Safavid Dynasty. He made the greatest use of Russian youths who were captured, educated, and converted to Islam. They became the backbone of Abbas' military, and received provincial governorships and high offices at court. Abbas built a network of roads and rest houses to promote trade, and he tried tro make merchants and travelers safe. He built workshops for silk textiles and carpet weaving. Abbas also put special attention to the capital, Isfahan. He built several colleges, public baths, and rest houses at the new capital. He also built workshops for miniature painting. Abbas also built many intricate mosques. Out of fear of usurpation, Abbas blinded or killed those who could legitamately succeed him. This caused great weakness in the empire as people fought over succesion. This caused the decline of the empire as constant paranoia crippled the emperors and heirs.

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