Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler- was born in 1889, he fought during World War I, after having a very successful military life Hitler was victim of a gas attack in which he left front lines to recover. During his recovery Germany lost the war, Hitler felt betrayed by communist, democracy, and Jews. Hitler decided to go into politics and rose in the Nazi party. Hitler led a coup trying to overthrow the weak democracy but failed. Hitler was sent to jail in which his beliefs were written out in his book Mein Kampf, in which he mentioned his anti-Semitic theology and his use of propaganda. After Hitler’s release he rose to power through the rules of democracy. When the Nazi party gained the majority vote, Hitler became the leader. After Hitler’s burning of the capital (blamed on Socialist) Hitler became the sol leader of Germany. He encouraged a strong sense of nationalism. During his rule he started WWII with his alli Mussolini but was eventually defeated by Brittan, the USSR, and the US. He is most known for the holocaust, the genocide in which he killed millions of the mentally ill, Jews, gypsies, alleged socialists, and homosexuals.

Created by Benjamin Ellison and Hank Rudolph